For lunch during the week we offer a set menu - £21 for three courses and £19 for two courses.
In the evening, à la carte.
We will endeavour to update the website in the morning and again with the evening menu around 5pm.
If you have any questions regarding the menu please do not hesitate to contact us.
We will always offer a vegetarian starter and main course.

The Menu

Dinner 13th November


Crispy lamb breast, anchovy & celeriac remoulade £11.5
Burrata, radicchio & hazelnut £11
Dressed crab & mayonnaise £18.5
Pied de mouton, chanterelle & warm egg yolk £12
Braised cuttlefish, bomba rice & aioli £11


Beetroot, chard & feta brick & almond £16
Halibut, roasted cauliflower & trompette de la mort £34
Salt baked bream & roast lemon £25
Lamb loin, artichoke, soubise & hazelnut £35
Partridge, choucroute, mustard & peppercorn sauce £24

Fried potatoes £4
Green salad £3.5
Roast carrots £4
Spring greens £4

Dessert & Cheese

Chocolate mousse, yoghurt & pistachio £7
Hazlenut semifreddo £7
Pear & almond tart £7
Bergamot posset £7
Comté, walnuts £4