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    Modern British Cuisine through a Six Portland Road lens and the importance of our community.

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    Influences and philosophy.


    "Throughout my life and career, when visiting and working in other countries - people would frown and look confused (and bemused) at the concept of British food, let alone anything remotely modern.


    In history and reputation British cuisine seems to have stood still post war, with a brown, baked, deepfried, unbalanced, unexciting narrow repertoire - a real lack of innovation, interest, lightness and vibrancy.


    As we left the late 20th century and welcomed the 21st, there was a shift change, a discovery of hope and excitement of what actually might be possible in food - beyond wallowing in suet crusts and breadcrumbed everything."

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    What is Modern Britain?

     "I decided to travel far and wide, defending my beloved Britain to the hilt over the possibilities of the food in my own country. I was inspired by what I learned, saw and ate elsewhere and I wanted to bring some of this energy home with me.


    I thought and researched tradition - finding out what grows and what is made here in the UK. I also worked on the 'Anglosising' of dishes, begging and borrowing from other peoples food, cultures and places.


    This all made me question - what is Modern Britain all about? What makes us who we are? Is regionality important in this tiny land?


    When can Bolognese and Lasagne qualify as actually British? How do people justify curry as being a TOP British dish? Can we ever respect a tomato in this country the same way that an Italian can?"

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    A food revolution.

    "What are these rumours of a growing reputation for sparkling wine, for food innovation, for exciting new restaurants, for World dominating (celebrity) chefs?


    Is Britain is brimming with potential and talent?


    It all really comes down to our relationship with food as a whole...with cooking, with eating out, with ingredients and with farming. But it is also how the people respond, accept and make these new things their own.


    How it is embraced and ingrained into our everyday, into our society.


    I have relished seeing and being part of the development and evolution of a National Identity in food."


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    Modern British Food.

    "With the constant movement of people and globalisation, we are now familiar with gochuchang, agave, tamarind and fingerlimes, as well as embracing our own resurgence of cheesemaking, beer brewing, farming and the CRAFT of all things food.


    It is a very exciting time to be part of this food revolution you may not realise it but we have been discovering and rediscovering food at such a furious rate these last few decades.


    We must remember the lens you see Modern British Food through must not be clouded by the reputation others put on it.


    Make the most of Modern British Food - make it your own, beg, borrow and steal from others to make your version of it.


    We have so much potential, so much skill, and so much to be proud of here. Sometimes it is just how you frame it."  

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    Community means everything to us at Six Portland Road. Be it our community of incredible and varied suppliers, the incredible mix of people that work here, our loyal and customers (we love you!) and of course this wonderful, diverse and historic area of West London we call home.


    Six Portland Road is the sum of all of these parts - this unique combination of individuals and place makes us what we are. Thank you!